New Mural Project – Newport Beach, CA

This new mural projects location will be revealed soon. The drawing I completed was based on the story about a diver in Newport Harbor who has an altercation with an Octopus while scrapping the sunken remains of the Muriel. It was a fun project to participate in.


The Hexx Monkey commission painting is on display at Hexx Chocolate in the Paris Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

This 4-foot square acrylic and encaustic painting is located at the hostess area of the restaurant for your enjoyment. Hexx may also be producing merchandise soon. I will keep you posted on the progress with this.

HEXX Monkey handbag


Exhibitions History pages are ALIVE

ReBUILDING History one exhibit at a time.

Check out the new pages as they evolve. I’m in the process of rebuilding a history of exhibitions and publications that I am very proud of. For the past 26 years I have contributed to exhibitions, programs and publications that have highlighted the work off thousands of artists of merit and brilliant students artists. These exhibitions and books have been a stepping stone for many artists future successes. I had the pleasure of working with various teams of artists, installers, students, etc. Talented staff and friends that have worked with me over the years are: Donald Vanhook (Fellow LCAD Alum, gallery curator, artist), Dennis Cubbage (CSUF Alum, exhibit design, installation and curation), Matthew Miller (CSUF Alumn, exhibit installation, photography), Marty Lorigan (CSUF staff, alum, preparator), James Lorigan (CSUF Alum and master printer, artist etc.), Sue Henger (master editor), Mike McGee (CSUF professor and founder of GCAC), Marilyn Moore (CSUF gallery assistant and all around supporter for the art cause), Greg Escalante (freelance curator and art guru), Amy Caterina (CSUF Alumni, designer, photography and reception) Alex Harris (Inspiration to art and artists) . Staff for these exhibitions who help keep the wheels on the train are: Tracey Gayer (organizer and finance), Yevgeniya Mikhailik (CSULB Alum, reception, mural painter and all around go getter installer), Rebecca Benghart (Biola Alum, curatorial assistant, Kinkade scarf model), Alyssa Weins Cordova (CSUF Alum, curatorial assistant, teacher, Mothersbaugh Mutant). Independent contractors, CSUF Alumni, students and designers were a big part of our success. A few I’d like to mention are: Savio Alfonso (CSUF Alum, master of text and design), Wendy Peng (CSUF Alum, unstoppable brilliance in design), Ryan Didonato (CSUF Alum, extraordinary design and charisma), David Michael Lee (CSUF Alum, RA, artist and always there to lend a hand), Claudia Delacruz (Lady with amazing flamenco moves and smile) and others! The Grand Central Art Forum, all the GCAC outreach kids and underground studio artists, Master student tenants who did not drive me crazy and went on to become stellar artists and people. Masters students who drove me crazy but went on to become great people and artists as well. Catherine and Joe from Gypsy Den, CSUF Theatre students and staff and more.

Goat In Sight – A Series in Progress

Much of the artwork I create is tongue-in-cheek. I make art about the people I have known, know and would like to know, blending bits of fact and fiction to create comical and sometime edgy concoctions. I grew up surrounded by funny, loving people and tragic struggling people. Surrounded myself with people who know how to laugh. I understand that life is serious business but humor has been a balancing point for me. It’s needed relief from the hard truths.

I’m deeply attracted to humorous, intense and ironic stories and characters. The more uninhibited and colorful, the more twisted and torn the better. Flawed, quirky, and silly are my favorite subjects.  The people and animals I draw are not about exterior perfection or beauty. I create characters that react to the environments and situations that I have thrust upon them, their expressions speaking to the complexity of relationships and situations, their eyes telling their story.

These drawings are from a series called, Goats In Sight, 2014-2015